The Wiki Needs page will have lists of all things needed to be done to this wiki; mainly missing and incomplete pages. If you find anything missing from this wiki, add it to the wiki, or add it to the page! If there are any particular pages you think the wiki could use, suggest it in the comments! Or, if you are looking to help build a large and complete wiki, take a look at what's missing and add it (and remember to remove it from the list after)!

Random rant (Revised):

THIS WIKI NEEDS MORE FANFICTIONS AND FANART! The more ideas being thrown around the better; give inspiration to each other as currently there is a case of writer's block going around.

Incomplete Pages

There are many equipment pages that are missing either a picture or description or both. The ones missing only the description are rather low priority as long as the stats are know, but it's good to have them consistent with all the others. Keep in mind the Quality of certain items as they could easily be confused with others.


Body  Head Feet Shields Accessories Other

Disciple Robe (Poor)

Shooter Cloak (Poor)

Plate (Poor)

Barbarian Leather Armor(Rare)

Leather Armor (Rare)

Plate (Rare)

Robe of Fire Resistance

Robe of Ice Resistance

Wanderer's Robe 

Gray Hauberk

Holy Robe

Mage's Combat Robe

Elven Hauberk

Inferno Chain Mail

Carburized Plate

White Dragonscale Armor

Red Dragonscale Armor

Adamantine Plate

Full Mithril Plate

Blademaster's Plate

Minstrel's Cloak

Crimson Plate

White Archmage's Robe

Black Archmage's Robe

Pontiff Robe

Blessed Elven Hauberk

Violet Defender

Royal Robe

Elite Elven Hauberk

Orchid Plate

Green Barrier

Rainbow Plate

Winter Robe

Leather Helmet (Poor)

Woodsman's Cap (Poor)

Initiate's Cap (Poor)

Headband of Defense(Poor)

Leather Helmet (Common)

Woodsman's Cap (Common)

Acolyte Hood (Common)

Initiate's Cap (Common)

Headband of Defense (Common)

Leather Helmet (Rare)

Woodsman's Cap (Rare)

Initiate's Cap (Rare)

Headband of Defense (Rare)

Holiday Hat

Cap of Damnation


Greaves (Poor)

Heavy Boots (Poor)

Heavy Boots (Common)

Boots of Agility (Rare)

Boots of Agility (Superior)

Arctic Boots

Boots of Evasion

Boots of Health

Boots of Speed

Dragon Greaves


Holiday Boots


Buckler (Poor)

Medium Shield (Poor)

Tower Shield (Poor)

Buckler (Common)

Medium Shield (Common)

Tower Shield (Common)

Buckler (Rare)

Medium Shield (Rare)

Tower Shield (Rare)

Buckler (Superior)

Medium Shield (Superior)

Tower Shield (Superior)

Shield of Concentration

Deflecting Shield

Dragonscale Shield

Tribal Roundshield

Meteor Shield

Guild Shield

Blacksteel Shield

Bulwark Shield

Starfall Pavise

Sanguine Savior


Ring of Protection (Common)

Ring of Protection (Rare)

Ring of Protection (Superior)

Stone of Solitary Souls

Ring of Regeneration

Untaintable Ring

Demon Band

Shielding Brooch

Elven Ether Talisman

Stalker's Ring

Demigod Ring



Daggers 1-H Swords 2-H Swords Axes Hammers Staves

Subtle knife + 1?


Longsword (Poor)


Sword of Power(Common)

Sword of Power (Rare)


Axe of Cleaving?

Golden Crescent


Warhammer (Common)

Warhammer (Rare)

Warhammer (Superior)

Skull Smasher


Staff (Poor)

Staff (Common)

Staff (Rare)

Staff (Superior)

Staff (Epic)

Serpent Staff

Earth Staff

Rod of Runed Stone

Candycane Staff

Raconteur's Staff


Daily Rewards needs an update

Chasm_Encounters  is still incomplete.

Survival Mode drop list and the corresponding category Rewards are incomplete.

Suggested Character Builds for fighter and archer need an update (currently for level 31)

Siege Minions is incomplete, but is being worked.

Droppable Gear is still incomplete- if there's anything you dropped in a fight that isn't on the list, add it!

Immunity needs to be sortable by type (need an advanced wiki coder to do this)

Ideas for the Game (Fan Made) will always need more new and creative ideas!

Lots of pages need more links connecting the wiki together. Suggested Character Builds could certainly use the links of the cleric and fighter skills (so far those are the only skills with individual pages)!

Missing Pages

So far only the skills of the fighter and the cleric have individual pages! We need pages for all the skills for the other classes!

The wiki should also have individual boss pages such as Lich Boss (which is beautifully made)

Perhaps a siege bonus page- listing the attacking and defending bonuses?

Anything you think we should add, could be suggested here!

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