Hey everyone,

It's Zyrix. I really enjoy playing HvM, and am pretty much at the endgame of it. I've gotten each class  to max level, and have most of the useful hero combinations there are. All that's left for me to do is to max out siege minions, beat Qualtus' record on Survival Mode , and find a way to magically get holiday gear...

On siege mode, I've been mainly trying to obtain extra stars. I am close to +5.

On arena, I am attempting to get to the leaderboards. Currently I am rank 104, with the goal of top 60. Still requires hundreds of millions of honor, but I'll make it eventually....

I'll do my best to help around this wiki, so if you have any questions feel free to ask. You can also see my failed attempt to beat Qualtus' record in a category in Survival Mode here . I gave up trying on that for now... I've been mainly working on my two other blogs, the main story of my fanfiction  and and the trivia page.

My favourite page right now is Ideas for the Game (Fan Made) and am hoping it would get some attention from trinity. It's a great place to contribute interesting ideas- it's been fun thinking of all the possibilities for the game. 

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