The purpose of this blog post is to describe the apparently MASSIVE, BEAUTIFUL, STUNNING world of the heroes vs. monsters universe. I find that the game could work on that a bit along with the storyline, and also it is important to understand this world for heroes vs monsters fanfictions. But honestly, where are all the non-life-threatening animals?

In-Game Elements

In this game, there are heroes and there are monsters, but what else is there that we are sure exists?


The setting is a countryside (in the description). There is a town-like setting in the menu page.

There are several different environments such as: forest, normal terrain, rocky plains, graveyard, random black pit, lake, river, volcano, and inside buildings.



Suggestion of other humans doing other proffessions (there is a lumberjack's axe, and also store owners)

Reference to elven and dwarven tribes.


Suggestions of other monsters: cockatrice, wyvern, dragons, serpent, kirin

There are trees, vines, grass (sentient tree)

No animals?

There is a carriage suggesting a horse-like animal

There are spider webs, suggesting spiders


Equipment, weapons, gold, badges, gems, runes, crafting material

Tombstones, fences, lamposts, houses, arena, castles, bridges.

Boxes, barrels, tables, cups, drinks, books, vases, paper, feather quill pen, treasure chest, mirrors, portals, rugs 

Fan-Produced Elements

This is mainly to keep everything consistent, so far the only fanfictions are Four_DownDark_Bard's Fanfiction , and Zyrix_FanFiction.


New monsters

New weapons

New classes (sort-of. Interpreting that any Legendary Hero is actually a talented hero of any class combinations)

Dragon horse (may be a kirin, referenced in the game)

Bear turtle


Elephant pig

Assumption that all those animals mentioned as a hybrid exists as a non-hybrid (Confirmed that elephants, rabbits, and horses exist)








Glass window


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