So to start off with, I've noticed that my little competetion was ground into the dusts of obscurity because Siege mode is much more interesting and important. Whatever. Anyways, today I had the dissapointment of my whole week so far; I saw a box that was labeled and advertised the Honey Buns logo, It had a sign next to it that said "free" from my angle I couldn't tell if their were any left so I looked closer. I was reaaaally excited since I haven't had a honey bun in like 2 years (exaggeration albeit but you understand my predicament)

To my dismay the only thing in the box was 2 roma tomatoes.
I am not superior race.
Also, Wikia doesn't feel like letting me re-edit my first normal blog post without forcing everything into source mode, so to avoid the confusion and hassle of translating code I just made a new post.


Not many people on this webite seem to understand what an MSPA is, well I don't blame em, It's pretty confusing at first. Either way, I started the same MS Paint Adventure on a different site (MincraftForums) and have gotten quite the stead flow of players. It's pretty hard to keep up with and also hard to draw soooo many frames when just a few words would suffice.

I also learned how to make things looks amazing with GIMP. So now I can make special effects in the scenes.


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