The Badlands

In the world of Heroes Versus Monsters a village cried out in help as a dark shroud of dust enveloped the little town. The people within desperately tried to escape as the dust transformed them into horrible and grim looking mindless monsters.

Except 1 villager.

Here we go guys, If anyone knows what an MSPA is then this should be an interesting little distraction. If anyone doesn't know then allow me to explain. In this game we all control a single character in his/her/it's adventures around the world that I will draw out with Microsoft Paint on a Windows 8 laptop. I tried to make the character as close to the typical HVM barebones template as I could.

So let's start by desinging this lone villager.

MSPA skeleton
Is it a Boy, a Girl, human, ork, alien? You guys decide. But first I think we should establish the villager's race, gender, eye color, hair color (if they have hair or eyes). Once that is done I will re-upload the picture with the changes you all decided. I will accept anything reasonable! SO LETS GET GOIN!

We have a person!  Now, she needs a name, a kind of armor or simple garb and a weapon of some sort. 

MSPA Unnamed Female main charceter

Name: Myabeh

Gender: Female

Class: Archer

Level: 1

HP: 20/35 (We took some damage escaping from the DarkDust)

Defence: 2

Majiks:0 (We aren't very smart in majik yet)

Expeirence:0 (we kind of just started didn't we.)

Special Points: 3/3 (These allow you to peform special attacks or amazing feats of agility/strength/inteligence. They regenerate naturally through level ups or after 1 day.

Mainhand: N/A

Offhand: (We'll stretch the rules a bit. She WILL be able to have an offhand weapon/tool) N/A

Melee: Fists. 1-3 damage. 30% crit rate.





Inventory: 0/4 spaces used.

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