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  • I live in The far away kingdom of Amara
  • I was born on February 17
  • My occupation is Bard
  • I am Male
  • Omnirock

    (MSPA)(HVSM) The Badlands

    August 26, 2013 by Omnirock

    In the world of Heroes Versus Monsters a village cried out in help as a dark shroud of dust enveloped the little town. The people within desperately tried to escape as the dust transformed them into horrible and grim looking mindless monsters.

    Except 1 villager.

    Here we go guys, If anyone knows what an MSPA is then this should be an interesting little distraction. If anyone doesn't know then allow me to explain. In this game we all control a single character in his/her/it's adventures around the world that I will draw out with Microsoft Paint on a Windows 8 laptop. I tried to make the character as close to the typical HVM barebones template as I could.

    So let's start by desinging this lone villager.

    Is it a Boy, a Girl, human, ork, alien? You …

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  • Omnirock

    Omnirock 8/25/2013

    August 25, 2013 by Omnirock
    So to start off with, I've noticed that my little competetion was ground into the dusts of obscurity because Siege mode is much more interesting and important. Whatever. Anyways, today I had the dissapointment of my whole week so far; I saw a box that was labeled and advertised the Honey Buns logo, It had a sign next to it that said "free" from my angle I couldn't tell if their were any left so I looked closer. I was reaaaally excited since I haven't had a honey bun in like 2 years (exaggeration albeit but you understand my predicament)

    To my dismay the only thing in the box was 2 roma tomatoes.
    I am not superior race.
    Also, Wikia doesn't feel like letting me re-edit my first normal blog post without forcing everything into source mode, so t…

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  • Omnirock


    July 24, 2013 by Omnirock

    This is just a regular blog, basically anything that isn't fanfiction goes here.

    So I've spent the entire day leveling a 3 Barbarian team. ('bout time I did something productive in HvM that wasn't just playing a few rounds as the Shaman.)

    Speaking of Shamans I actually encountered a max level one in Arena mode today, since HvM makes any computer controlled Hero use it's final skill first the Shaman summoned a very peculiar looking totem. It was literally a long thin pole with swords and spears sticking out of it, it was purple and had the face of what looked like a dark purple Lich. I didn't see it for very long as the Shaman was easy to kill, but honestly, that thing was disturbing. Logically, I can only assume its the Debilitate totem, as …

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  • Omnirock

    This is a trivia page about my fanfiction(s)

    Dark Bard Fanfiction is not an official part of the story, It was simply a test of my ability, but do not fret. The Lich and his minions will make an appearnce in the real story.

    -Planned but not added.

    The "Dark Bard's Journal" will be a thing that contributes to the story. It will be written by the character Sianna Xinroc.

    List of Characters (spoilers)

    Toby Alan Richette (Fighter)

    Main character. Considered the leader of the group. Roughly 17 from the small village of Reth. His journey is a long one, and he is grateful to have his team along the way. He has made it his mission in life to find a 'man' named Lyle Liffinigal who ordered the execution of his brother Kole Vincent "Lancer" Richette During the…

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  • Omnirock


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