Mysterious Chasm is located in the center of the map. It has the highest level creeps there. If we defeat them, we will get a good amount of exp, maybe a good amount of gold, but no items drop. 

I want to introduce you how to farm gold in this Mysterious Chasm. I farm gold in this Mysterious Chasm when I don't have luck from getting items from boss room. Farm gold from Stone Golem (Boss 7) or Lava Golem (Boss 13) by selling items from drop. If you have bard, you could sell items Overprice with Reputation skill(bard skill). Since I don't have luck from killing boss, so I prefer Mysterious Chasm farm. When you enter each wave in Mysterious Chasm, if you see 3 firemage/ 2 bosses, 3 cleric/ 1 barbarian, 2 bard, 1 cleric/ 4 blown face of orc with a huge sword/ 1 undead with X on face and 1 bard,,,,,,,,,, click pause the game and retreat. Because if you fight them, they will give you around 1.4k to 5k only. We want big money, and we want 7.9k~9.2k gold from each wave. 

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