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  • Cajunazn

    Graphic master anyone?

    December 28, 2011 by Cajunazn

    Is anyone out there a graphics master? We could use one for our Wiki Icon. If not I guess I will be spending my own time on it - which I am ok with. I'd prefer to find someone who is really good at it! Look at the page for an idea. The image is limited to a 250px width by 65px height and must be in a png format.

    Now go! CREATE!

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  • Cajunazn

    Writing wiki code ಠ ಠ

    December 7, 2011 by Cajunazn

    You may think that I am a wiz at Wikis, when the reality is I am just good at quick copy-pasting code! All joking aside, I am still very new to writing wikis. As a software engineer by day, its been easy for me to jump in and begin writing some wiki code, and adding detailed and style pages. However, when it comes to writing the actual templates I am almost a complete loss. So, I have started researching and reading up how to build templates. Hopefully as I learn then I can implement some pretty sweet things. I've always loved the wowwikki page, and the mouse hover capabilites they've implemented. If I do anything on this wiki, it will be to implement something similar for this site.

    Currently reading: How to write Wiki Templates, Advanced …

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  • Cajunazn


    December 5, 2011 by Cajunazn

    I found out today that some reviewers dont like HvM, because its a coppy of BattleHeart. However both games offer some great game play elements that are different. I enjoy both titles. What are your thoughts?

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