The tavern is the main menu of the Heroes vs. Monsters game. It can be accessed from most game modes by pressing the "home" button 


The new tavern (Release 3.2)

in the upper left hand corner.

Game Modes Accessible from the Tavern

Four of the six game modes can be accessed from the tavern: Boss Fight, Game Map, Siege Mode, and Arena.


  • The Arena mirror only appears once the player has beaten the second boss, The Iron Golem, so that the arena is no longer hidden in shadow on the Game Map. 
  • Siege mode is locked until the player reaches level 5, which upon being reached initiates the siege mode tutorial.
    Home Button

    "Home" Button used to access the tavern.

Areas Accessible from the Tavern 

In addition, The Stash, Team, Skills, the Store and Summon monsters can also be accessed from the tavern. Legendary Heroes can be bought at the tavern. The gold store can also be accessed from the Tavern menu, where in-app purchases can be made.

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