Physical resist is a defensive stat, that helps your heroes mitigate incoming damage. This ability lowers the amount of damage you would have taken, by the amount of Physical Resist you have currently equipped. For example, if you were hit by a monster for 60 damage, but you have +10 Physical Resist, you would only take 50 damage.

Physical Resist Items


[Shielding Brooch] +6
[Demigod Ring] +5

Rainbow plate icon

[Wanderer's Wrap] +5
[Bone Armor] +7
[Orchid Plate] +6
[Rainbow Plate] +10
[Winter Robe] +10
[Emblazoned Plate] +5

Starfall Helm

[Dwarwen Circlet] +5
[Helmet of Glory] +5
[Warsoul Coronet] +10
[Charlee's Crown] +15
[Starfall Helm] +15


[Tower Shield] +2
[Tower Shield] +2
[Tower Shield] +2
[Tower Shield] +2
[Blacksteel Shield] +6
[Starfall Pavise] +5
[Sanguine Savior] +12

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