With this setup of characters I've managed to defeat any boss, even the lava golem, and also all the bosses on nightmare in the "boss fights" mode.

Why use these characters?

They have +8 on everything they wear and the starfall helms are providing great defense against physical damage. The archers are very good for entangling the bosses making them stunned, with 3 archers I can stun the boss 3 times and then with my barbarian I can stun it even more times using deviltounges and the ability "Sonic Roar".

And if you're lucky with your deviltounges and manage to stun whatever you're fighting, one of your archers may have gotten their entangling ability ready, the archers also have a great damage output.

The barbarian can be used for kiting too.

No hacks

I'm a legit player who won't ever use hacks, everything I own on this game has been earned over a great amount of time.

The starfall helms are 268k each, so that took it's time, hahah.

I'm earning gold on this game using the setup I'm showing in the picture, by afking different bosses, right now I'm actully afk-farming the rock golem, the orange one. It gives you about 2000 gold each fight and frequent gems + other decent items to sell for around 1-4k worth of gold.

I can manage to get 500k a day by doing this, when I feel like it, I don't have to no-life it or something :p

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