This will list out all the suggestions that were Ideas for the Game (Fan Made) to make sure you don't add an already previously suggested suggestion.... If you have no clue what these ideas are for, read that page. To make new suggestions, post them as comments on that page.  Comments on the ideas could be made in the comments section for this page.

New Classes (Voted as the top priority!)



Ice Mage

Ether Mage

Archer-based L-Hero

New Armor

Emperor's Robes

Vanity items

Chaos Shield

New Weapons



Long-Handled Axes




Spell Books



Dragon's Tail

The Cleaver's Point

Illumis Lunata (omni's name)

The 'Balance'


Cerulean Cut




The Carving Knife


Cult's Chaos


Wooden Training Sword

Grieving Blade

ArrowHead Dagger

Ink Bleeder (pen-atraitor)

Butterfly Axe

Half-Shadow Blade

New Bosses

Clown of Joy

Clown of Misery

Clown of Rage

Totem Boss

Witch and Cauldron

Upgraded Features

Chat/mail - Allow for private messaging system.

Female heroes? Either create them (if they don't exist) or distinguish them (so we could actually tell they are females)

More storyline needed!- (might go well with upgraded quests)

Higher level cap

Fixed Skill Trees

Easy/Normal/Hard Modes on all bosses. (Partial immunities for Hard Mode)

Fix poison damage into a real poison (opposite of regeneration).

Fix 'terrify' on bonebow... and introduce it into more spells and weapons. I'm assuming it should work like pushback?

Upgraded Quests

(The quest system right now is really lame, and upgraded quests seems more like a new feature and many suggestions could be made on what it could include. That's why it gets it's own section)

This could be a new game mode, with the introduction of 'fame' which is similar to honor and grants more difficult and rewarding quests.

Delivery- deliver a specified item to NPC

Item Collection- defeat boss to obtain quest items

Slayer- kill a sequence of bosses

Last Man Standing- defeat X waves in survival mode

Defend the City- Various quests helping a city in need

Wardrobe War- collect an armored set

Hard rock mining- defend miners as they collect gems

New Game Modes

An interactive pvp mode

A team battle mode

King's Army Mode

Training mode

Other New Features

Potions granting bonuses- similar to siege bonuses and can be purchased A method of trade/gift between players

Rental shop

Minion gear

Runes for specific element upgrades


Craftable equipment

Convenience Upgrades

(Features that simply make things more easy to do, but don't really add much to the content of the game.)

-Customized Character Combinations

-Customized Character Sets

-Portals to Boss Castles

-A 'sell all' button in shop (with a confirmation button)

-A 'Home/Tavern' button from the Arena mode

-Reduced delay times between waves and at the end of a fight

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