There the various immunities in the game, the most notable ones are Trip Immunity (Knockdown Immunity) , Immobilization Immunity (Stun,Root,Freeze Immunity) and Instant Death Immunity (Sudden Death). There is one more immunity in the game, this immunity is Poison Immunity(see Picture on the Right).
Poison Immunity

Poison immunity present at "Treedemon" minion's ability.

Not to confuse Immunity with Resistance, Immunity is self explanatory, Resistance just diminishes certain abilities, best example would be damage resistance. Immunities can however be incomplete, a partial effect to be exact. Some immunities are just percentage, others are perfect immunities, be wary of that.

A lot of items in the game contains various immunities, I'll give a list of these items.

Immunity Imbued Items


Body Armors





The general rule when it comes to Immunities is, The more immunities you have, the better your hero will be! The best part of having these immunities is that you can test out which combination fits your characters the most. Be wary as most of these items give off other abilities other than immunities, try checking each first of which fits you the most.

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