AI don't think those will be implemented by the developers because there are no updates, but a modder may implement them:

  • sfx_sneak.wav (rogue class?)
  • audiofile of ball-ligtning explosion, ball-lightning not penetrate (translations), the latter sounds electrical
  • sfx_transform.wav (new skill?, boss?)
  • audio file of some sort of beam (related to the ball-lightning?, another class?)
  • sfx_equipring and sfx_equiparmor .wav (self-explanatory)
  • sfx_xuanfengzhan.wav (twirling-wind-something, not the barbarian-skill, sounds like magical)
  • sfx_zuzhou.wav sounds scary and is clearly a boss related file (translates to malediction or ban)
  • unused images of armor/weapons/rings
  • image of an exp bottle item icon, which means they wanted to implement an item, that lets you increase your level
  • images of lightning in a shape, that looks like other images of a bubble on the ground, could be a spell
  • images of a ball lightning
  • images of stone rocks, like those brown or blue ones that fall from the sky in the boss levels with the brown or the blue boss (Boss 7 and 10), implies another boss of that kind or a minion, that is out of grey rock.
  • pictures of buttons saying easy, normal, elite and nightmare
  • picture saying "super hero encounterded [typo in the picture] Enemy Level: [space] If you can defeat him you'll gain a powerful ally!
  • new gamemap

collage of some images:

Possible content if app gets developed further collag

in the pic u have a hero, that looks a bit like a cartoon of a god-character (e.g. Zeus) also there are skills like "summonangle.png" beneath him.

a lot of high-elvish hero skins

the blue guy in the bottom right is probably a "ice-golem", due to the skill "summon ice golem", which I put beneath him (its the one with the triangular splash-shape)

I think I lost one Ice-elve picture on the way to the collage.

That makes:

  • A Legendary God (?)
  • Rogue-Elves (?)
  • Legendary Elementary Guy possibly transforming into an ice golem or a guy with a firehead? (??)
  • and I think the head at the top of the picture is a boss

or I am completely off-track