A special page dedicated to those who don't abide by the rules programmed by the game maker. If you ever encounter anyone who is in this list, kindly avoid them at all cost. They linger in almost all parts of the game, their most frequently visited part is in the Arena. Another part of they game where they linger is inside Siege Mode. Not only do they cause nuisance but they also bring the joyful experiences out of the game. In some cases, those who encounter them wanted to try out how to be one of them, and because of that the gamers lost apetite of how good the game is. Getting spoiled by a lot of stuff, even breaking the game itself is a big kick in the balls for the game producer. Please keep this page always updated to give our fellow users important information, and maybe, get them banned out of the game. I hope we all cooperate to name all those users who breaks the spirit of the game. Another note; Please don't place names in this list who are innocent, just for fun. This is serious matter and thus must be taken seriously at all times. How will you recognize a cheater/hacker? Simple, if you notice something irregular about his statistics and stats, it's definitely a hacker. One great example to recognize these cheaters is through the arena leaderboard. Notice their honor,  doesn't it bother you how they got all those "Honors" in just a year or so. Even if you keep on playing this game for the next 5 years, you won't be able to push your honors to that extent! It's really disappointing to see such players, no rather, imbeciles play such a good game even though it needs some fixing because of frequent crashes and stuffs, it's heartbreaking. So, if you ever spot an oddball in the game, hastily take a picture of him/her for evidence.

Categories of Hackers

Upgrade Hacker

Upgrade Hackers is one of my most hated types of people. They upgrade their weapons and armors like crazy. There is a hard cap of +8 in the game, yet they still managed to crack this lock open and made their upgrading limitless. The most common items that can be viable for these hacks are Weapons and Body Armors. Take note that once you attack somebody, particularly in the arena and miserably miss your attacks almost everytime or you suddenly die with just a hit, get yourself defeated on purpose, Scout the said opponent and check if his/her gears are tweaked to unimaginable extents. If you didn't find anything suspicious, the four instances are : First, the enemy is equipped with sudden death items and luckily triggered only if you're not wearing Instant Death Immunity. Second, your defense is too low making you very viable to attacks from all sources. Third, your level is too low hence making your hit rate at the least possible, or Fourth, the dodge chance given by items/skills effectively activated by that moment. If the said opponent is however a hacker like you speculated, don't make second choices, refresh the list for well suited foes that's worth the fight. Sadly, the game developers aren't making a move against these hackers. All we can do now is to avoid them at any instance.

Upgrade Hacker
Upgrade Hacker 2

Level Hacker

Level Hackers are very greedy people. Not only that they could alter their levels, they are obliviously raising their stats too. With each level, the stats a single hero could gain is gradually making him stronger, now imagine how high these stats could go if you're at level 90 or something. Naturally, there are hackers like this that can still be possibly defeated through normal methods. If you think you could defeat that enemy, go for it! You'll feel a little happy and sometimes find yourself saying, "Justice is served 817cH!!" after defeating one, it's only natural. Once again, take a snapshot of these kinds of hackers for evidence.

Level Hacker

Team Hacker

Team Hackers, a very tricky thing they came up with. Normally, for us to be able to use Legendary Heroes (Elite Fighter and Shaman), we sacrifice the team spirit and go for individual strength! It is undoubtedly a very strong opponent (The Legendary Heroes) that can obliterate a team of 4 single handedly through sheer force. Now imagine if an Elite Fighter was accompanied by 3 more heroes. Pretty devastating right? Technically, this isn't allowed, but through these hackers' efforts, nothing is impossible. It's only natural for us to feel down whenever we see such circumstances and sometimes we even want to discover how they did this. I'm not telling you guys to go to the dark side, it's your choice. It is only a matter of time before the game balancers make a move against these abuses. As early as today, I'm asking you to keep yourself at the normal state, why you ask? To experience fun of course! Just like before, snapshot the said user who uses this kind of hacking. Evidence is a must!

Tream Hacker

Added by Swoldier

Example of a Team Hacker

Statistics Hacker

Statistics Hackers, not very different from Level Hackers and Upgrade Hackers, (What's the difference anyway, they're all hackers?). Putting that aside, the difference of these hackers from others is that, they basically focus on game statistics only, particularly, Golds, Honor, Badges or even Guardian Stars. They do not pose that much of a nuisance, but a hacker is a hacker nevertheless. They primarily focus on getting those things they want easily without much effort and the only threat they show is getting you depressed all the time. How? Let's make an example of you about to be the Arena's first Ranker, then suddenly out of the blue someone with crappy items and heroes with levels that shouldn't be more than a piece of cake, outnumbers your Statistics for like, I dunno, 2147483647 Times than yours. Pretty neat right? The only way to keep yourself sane now is through self hypnotizing. Maybe he played non-stop for like a year (*Eye Twitches*) e_o ... Kraaaahhh FUUUUUUUUUU Who am I kidding?! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ .... Yeah something like that. They're easily recognizable through leaderboards. Without further ado, kindly take a photo of them so you could strangle them in their sleep within your dreams. The only place where you can do whatever you want to, to them.

UL71M473 H4CK3R

The category is too extreme it even affected the title itself!!1!one!!! The combination of all categories or even worse, the main source of it all! These kinds of hackers do not deserve to be bestowed with such games. Shameless, Spineless Piece of @#%^&!! Excuse my grammar. When you find a player in this kind of category, provide all the evidences you can to purge him from all his wrongdoings! It gets me thinking, why are they even playing the game if they kept on breaking the rules? What's the meaning of game to them anyway?! Nonetheless, please keep posting these users who abuse the serenity of the game.

Shameless Hackers List

bTip : Press Ctrl + F/G in your keyboard and type in the name you're looking for to check the list.

  • Sweezie(Plays in Siege): Gold Hack & Level Hack
  • Max (Plays in Arena)
  • DontTouchMe
  • datoushushu (Plays in Siege): Gold Hack [Possibly has Customized Weapon]
  • Fireruler
  • boffo
  • Rayson
  • M3MO90
  • Vip
  • Bosszaa
  • Charice
  • AGO
  • Chuw
  • Assd
  • Pks
  • wci
  • wwz (Plays in siege): Gold Hack  [Possibly has Customized Weapon]
  • Zcc (Plays in Arena)
  • theconflict
  • Lackern
  • Zhou
  • tennisjang
  • haotanxin
  • George
  • teo
  • blither
  • Jjjkkkk
  • masamune
  • hero
  • Lucifer
  • Hey
  • Pigg
  • DEVi
  • Lol
  • ppl
  • kal
  • Gegham
  • 7777541
  • Dotapod27
  • Pissoff
  • Gygy
  • wed
  • core
  • crystal
  • RaPTorKill
  • cloud
  • Rock
  • Sssssss
  • gaziy
  • Anvalt
  • Cimian (Plays in Siege)
  • NeverWell
  • Macbacon
  • Key
  • yy
  • Ghost
  • zht
  • Alex
  • ixia
  • Evokius
  • lee
  • KD
  • xiaobai
  • caonimei
  • uuu
  • lelia
  • alucard
  • Bikiy
  • Rachid
  • Megusta
  • Jim (Plays in Siege)
  • Reivax (Plays in Siege)
  • Hayao
  • sybox
  • qiu
  • Ambrose (Plays in Arena)
  • Jman
  • qqq (Plays in Siege)
  • Ha1314 (Plays in Arena)
  • Zombie(Plays in Arena)
  • XBlade
  • Beark
  • Dbsdfewcb
  • Carlo421
  • Sky
  • Ladon
  • Owen
  • uiii (level hacker in arena)
  • cps (level hacker in arena)    
  • Grin
  • 9527
  • chy3258
  • uhhhj
  • wengyx
  • Bane
  • CQC
  • Jack1234
  • Kimchu
  • Kin
  • Cerek
  • Wind
  • matt
  • bdheh
  • welter
  • Lifan

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