Dual Wield

Dual Wield skill icon.

Allows the user to wield a weapon on both hands at the same time. This is by far one of the most useful skills ever. Not only does it makes you hit twice, it also makes you stack the effect of a weapon twice. There are still some players who are confused as to why they cannot wield 2-Handed Weapons on each hand even though they've levelled this skill up. The reason lies in the Strength of Giants skill. NOTE : The off-hand weapon (2nd Weapon) only deals 50% of its original damage. This can be improved through another skill called Dual-Wield Specialization. It doesn't stop there; If you level this skill up in the Fighter's skill tree, you'll have another skill modifier called Dual-Wield Quickness

1/1 : Allows you to hold a weapon on each hand. The off-hand weapon only deals 50% damage

Dual Weild 2

Dual Wield skill description.

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