My old EH in arena!

Previously called Legendary Hero.

The Elite Fighter can either be hired in the tavern for 70,000(in the new update 100k) gold or obtained by fighting him on the map(cannot be done anymore). Once you have hired the Legendary Hero as your main character, he is the only one available to use in the party. This is offset by the fact that his skill tree contains a combination of most of the abilities of the other Heroes except Summoner. This Hero is no longer called Legendary Hero its called Elite Hero for now but its sill a part of the (Legendary Hero) The Elite Fighter is a new Hero class introduced in patch 2.1. The Elite FIghter can be obtained by paying 70,000 in gold (20$) in the Home tab.

Once you have obtained this Legendary Hero (LH), he can be recruited as your main character. He can battle and use the arena in the new update , as his skills far outshine the abilities of other Heroes.

Skill Tree

Tier 1

  • Blunt Weapon Proficiency 7/7 (Passive) - Increase mace damage and hit rating by 8%. (4% per rank)
  • Blessed Wrath 1/1 (Active) - Deal 300% normal damage to nearby enemies with a 40% chance to freeze for 3 seconds.
  • Axe Proficiency 5/5 (Passive) - Increase axe damage and hit rating by 8%. (4% per rank)
  • Holy Healing 1/1 (Active) - Heal yourself for (25 + 8 * character level) HP.

Tier 2

  • Two-handed Weapon Proficiency 5/5 (Passive):
    1. Increase Two-handed Weapon damage and hit rating by 5%.
    2. Increase Two-handed Weapon damage and hit rating by 8%.
    3. Increase Two-handed Weapon damage and hit rating by 16%
    4. Increase Two-handed Weapon damage and hit rating by 22% and critical damage by 10%.
  • Tower Shield Proficiency 1/1 (Passive) - Allow you to use a Tower Shield.
  • Holy Blaze 1/1 (Active) - Summon a holy cloud for 15 seconds, dealing (character level / 2) damage per second to all to all enemies in range.
  • Holy Healing Circle 4/4 (Passive; Enhances Holy Healing) - Healing Circle also heals the caster 15 HP per second for 5 seconds. (25% per rank)

Tier 3

  • Blessed Charge 1/1 (Active) - Charge deals 200% normal damage.
  • Enhanced Holy Blaze 5/5 (Passive; Enhances Holy Blaze) - Give Holy Blaze a 15% chance to set enemies on fire. (15% per rank)

Tier 4

  • Strength of Giants 1/1 (Passive) - Allow you to wield two-handed weapons in one hand.
  • Ruthless Rush 5/5 (Passive; Enhances Blessed Charge) - Give your Holy Charge a 25% chance to stun enemies for 3 seconds. (15% per rank)
  • Shield Wall 1/1 (Active) - Become invincible to all attacks for 8 seconds.

Tier 5

  • Manslayer 3/3 (Passive) - Increase hit rating and damage by 15% when attacking Humans. (5% per rank)
  • Undead Slayer 3/3 (Passive) - Increase hit rating and damage by 15% when attacking Undead creatures. (5% per rank)
  • Golem Slayer 3/3 (Passive) - Increase hit rating and damage by 15% when attacking Golems and Mech creatures. (5% per rank)
  • Ogre Slayer 3/3 (Passive) - Increase hit rating and damage by 15% when attacking Ogres. (5% per rank)

Tier 6

  • Improved Constitution 5/5 (Passive) - Improve your odds with a 15% chance to dodge any damage. (5% per rank)
  • Unyielding Fury 4/4 (Passive; Enhances Rage) - +3% defense when enraged. Give Rage a 15% chance to knock down enemies for 4 seconds.
  • Rage 1/1 (Active) - Use to gain +21% damage, +15% MAX HP, and -38% defense for 11 seconds.
  • Improved Rage 3/3 (Passive; Enhances Rage) - Increase damage and maximum HP by 5% when enraged.

Tier 7

  • Shockwave 1/1 (Active) - Stun enemies in range for 10 seconds.
  • Holy Blast 1/1 (Active) - Release 3 holy blasts, each dealing 100 damage.

Tier 8

  • Dual-Wield Specialization 6/6 (Passive; Enhances Dual Wield) - Increase off-hand damage by 10% when dual wielding.
  • Allow you to hold a weapon in each hand. The off-hand weapon only deals 50% damage.

Elite Fighter Skill Tree


On the iTunes preview page, you can see the Elite Fighter wielding a staff (Amara's Will), which is really not possible in the game, as he can only weild melee weapons.[2]

As you can see in the skill tree picture above, Elite Fighter has two starting skills instead of one like all others, which means he starts with one extra skill point.

Even though Elite Fighter has one more skill point compared to others, his maximum level is still level 41.

Elite Fighter has skills that largely resemble every other class in the game besides Summoner.

Elite Fighter is the only playable class with a 5 o'clock shadow.

Originally, Elite Fighter was named "The Legendary Hero" as he was the only LH, this was changed in update 3.0 when the "Shaman" class was added.

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