Droppable gear is gear that can be dropped from bosses from castles as well as from normal monsters.

Boss 1

Ring of Protection(Common)

Longsword (Common)

Sword of Power(Common)

Longbow (Common)

Staff (Common)

Buckler (Rare)

Leather Armor (Rare)

Waraxe (Common)

Boss 2

Dragonscale Armet  (also from boss 13)

Heavy Boots (Common)

Ring of Protection(Rare)


Dagger (Rare)

Sword of Power(Rare)

Medium Shield (Superior)

Boss 3

Warrior Casque

Boots of Agility (Rare)

Blessed Holy Axe


Swift Scimitar

Longbow (Rare)

Staff (Superior)

Carburized Plate  (LOL it actually is carburized plate)

Boss 4

Ring of Protection(Superior)

Icy Axe

Venomous Dragon Fang

Blade of Courage

Swift Bow

Deflecting Shield 

White Dragonscale Armor

Robe of Ice Resistance

Boss 5

Plate (Superior)

Dragon Greaves

Ring of Regeneration

Numbing Dagger

Igneous Flamberge

Skull Smasher(Superior)

Staff (Epic)

Wanderer's Robe

Boss 6

Archmage Cowl

Boots of Steadiness

Unyielding Axe

Iron Fist

Fire Infused Club

Dagger of Stars

Blacksteel Shield

Adamantine Plate  (Ok... this exists as well... methinks the stats on carburized plate is wrong)

Boss 7

Barbaric Horns

Elven Ether Talisman

Sacrilegious Axe

Sword of Glory

Truesilver Blade

Magic Bow

Rod of Runed Stone

Holy Robe

Boss 8

Undead Crown

Stalker's Ring

Thunder Hammer

Black Demon Blade

Sword of Agony

Green Barrier

Lich Robe

Boss 9

Hammer of Thor

Withersmite   (also from boss 11)

Demon Band

Elite Elven Hauberk


Scimitar-Frost Mark   (also from boss 13)

Tribal Roundshield

Minstrel's Cloak

Boss 10

Blessed Skufia

Earth Staff

Frenzy Hatchet

Violet Defender

Pontiff Robe

Avatar Blade

Spirit Bow

Starfall Pavise

Boss 11

Crimson Plate

Blademaster's Plate

Arena Axe

Guard Helmet

Withersmite   (also from boss 9)

Guild Shield

Ruler's Ring

Caduceus of Chaos

Boss 12

Inferno Chain Mail

Blessed Elven Hauberk


Archmage Staff

Wyvern's Fang

Dwarven Circlet

White Archmage's Robe

Charlee's Kicks  (also from boss 13)

Boss 13

Dragonscale Armet   (also from boss 2)

Bone Bow

Ring of Freedom

Red Dragonscale Armor

Warsoul Coronet

Infernal Breastplate

Scimitar-Frost Mark   (also from boss 9)

Charlee's Kicks   (also from boss 12)

Monster and other boss drops (unlisted in the possible drops)

Gold Ring

Staff (Common)

Waraxe (Common)

Headband of Defense(Common)

Plate (Common)

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