The Cleric is a hero who can not attack enemies. His main role is to heal your party. The Cleric is weak in Defense, but gains HP at a decent rate as he levels up. The Cleric is almost a necessity to the team for survival. The main stats you will need to stack on your cleric are: Attack speed (for faster heals); Healing Effect for stronger heals; Movement speed and dodge to evade attacks.

Available Races: Ice Elves (As pictured), Humans

Equipable with: Staffs, Robes, Headbands, Cowls, and Hats.

Clerics you find at camps appear in two different equipment sets, but they always wield a Blue staff.

Skill Tree

Tier 1

  • Quick Healing Circle  4/4 (Passive; Enhances Healing Circle) - Reduce the cooldown of Healing Circle by 1 second (1 second per rank)
  • Healing Circle  1/1 (Active) - Instantly heal all party members for (10 + 4 * character level) HP.
  • Improved Healing Circle  4/4 (Passive; Enhances Healing Circle) - Add an additional 8% healing per second for 5 seconds after Healing Circle is cast (6% per rank)

Tier 2

  • Advanced Exorcism  4/4 (Passive; Enhances Exorcism) - Exorcism has a 3% chance to immediately kill undead creatures (3% per rank)
  • Exorcism  1/1 (Active) - Turn undead creatures on the battleground for 7 seconds.

Tier 3

  • Quick Healing  4/4 (Passive) - Increase your normal healing frequency by 4% (4% per rank)
  • Improved Exorcism  3/3 (Passive; Enhances Exorcism) - Increase the range of Exorcism by 10% (10% per rank)
  • Healing Expansion  4/4 (Passive) - 5% of HP points restored by normal healing spells will heal you as well (4% per rank)

Tier 4

  • Improved Dispel  3/3 (Passive; Enhances Dispel) - Enable Dispel to remove an additional harmful effect (one per rank)
  • Dispel  1/1 (Active) - Instantly dispel all negative effects on friendly targets in range.
  • Blessed Dispel  4/4 (Passive; Enhances Dispel) - Add a 10 HP healing effect to Dispel (10 HP per rank)

Tier 5

  • Healing Proficiency  3/3 (Passive) - Increase your normal healing effectivness by 2 (2 per rank)
  • Holy Shield  3/3 (Passive) - +2 defense (+2 per rank)
  • Holy Connection  5/5 (Passive) - Reduce the cooldown of all spells by 3% (3% per rank)

Tier 6

  • Healing Shield  4/4 (Passive) - Increase target defense by 1 for all normal healing effects (2 per rank)
  • Sprint (Cleric)   3/3 (Passive) - Increase movement speed by 4% (4% per rank)

Tier 7

  • Animate Dead 1/1 (Active) - Summon a skeleton to fight for you for 40 seconds. The skeleton will get stronger as your level increases.
  • Resurrection  1/1 (Active) - Bring a dead party member back to life with 80 HP.

Tier 8

  • Improved Animate Dead  4/4 (Passive; Enhances Animate Dead) - Extend summoned skeleton duration by 3 seconds (1 per rank)
  • Armor of Faith  4/4 (Passive) - Reduce damage taken by 4 when your HP is under 30% (4 per rank)

Cleric Skill Tree


  • Starting HP: 30
  • HP gain per level:
  • HP at level 31:
  • HP at level 41: 391
  • Base Defense: 2

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