HI, THese are the multiple chasm encounters so far :

1) Fire mages, difficulty: easy

  • So far one of the easiest levels of the mysterious chasm. The fire mages here do not have a crit chance and do the lowest damage compared to most other enemies in the chasm, but can still be a threat to your team if you don't have the proper gear. Main strategy is to decimate the mages as quick as possible with barbs or use a fighter to gain aggro. Gives decent XP (8,000-10,000).

Wave 1: 4 Fire mages (1 delayed)

Wave 2:. 6 Fire mages (2 delayed)

2) Orcs, difficulty : easy

  • Another one of the easiest levels in the chasm, although it is a bit tougher due to the orc warriors having a higher damage as well as crit chance that can potentially 1-shot a hero (even with end-game gear). Best way to do this is to kite them after getting aggro onto a character. Gives decent XP, but less than the fire mage lvl (7,000-8,000).

Wave 1: 4 Orcs

Wave 2: 6 Orc (4 delayed)

3) Undead archers and clerics, difficulty: expert

  • This level deserves its own difficulty due to how tough the undead archers can be. Even with the starting wave of just 1 undead archer can cause a lot of hurt on the heroes. Most of the time the heroes will just die out on the second wave when the 4 undead archers come out. To do this level you need a lot of tanking as well as DPS to not only tank entangled shots but also kill the enemies as quickly as possible. Insta-death weapons can help in this level as well when it comes to the second wave of 4 archers, as 2 of those archers (the ones with the black hoods an elite elven hauberk armor) can be insta-killed. Those 2 archers also have lower health than the green boneshot archers. Gives a bit low XP when compared to its difficulty (10,000-11,000).

Wave 1: Undead archer + 3 clerics

Wave 2: 4 undead archers + 2 clerics(delayed)

Wave 4:. 1 Undead archer + 1 elf archer

Wave 3: 2 Human clerics + 1 Ice elf cleric + 1 Barbarian

4) Samurai warrior and Orge, difficulty: hard

  • Ironically this level is not harder than the undead archers considering that there are 2 bosses here as well as 2 undead clerics and an ice elf cleric (that can summon a powerful skeleton that lasts 12+ seconds). Best approach would be to eliminate the ice elf cleric first and then the samurai helmet warrior and ogre. After that the battle becomes easy. Gives the lowest XP of all chasm levels, which is probably due to the lack of waves involved in it (About 4,000-5,000).

Wave 1: 2 Undead clerics + 1 Ice elf cleric + Samurai Ghost Warrior + Orge

Wave 2:. 1 goblin

5) Bunch of undead, difficulty: hard

  • Has a few true silver blade wielded and archers that can cause problems if there is bad management. It would be best to kill the undead archers as they come into the screen while kiting from the true silver blade users (if you don't have insta-death immunity). After defeating the archers, move on to the fighters and clerics. Gives one of the best XP amounts (12,000-13,000).

Wave 1: 1 undead archer + 2 Undead fighters + 2 undead clerics

Wave 2:. 3 undead archers + 2 fighters(delayed) + 1 Undead cleric(delayed)

Wave 3: 3 Fire mages + 3 Undead clerics

6) Fighters, and archers, difficulty: medium

  • A bit difficult to do but manageable. Similar to the chasm level with a bunch of undead, it is best to take out the undead archers first due to their [arrow rain] spell. After that, it is pretty much normal gameplay. If you have the right equipment you can tank the elf and human fighters; if you don't have good equipment for tanking, it is best to kite them while attacking. Gives the best amount of XP, although this chasm might be a bit long for the XP to be good (15,000-16,000).

Wave 1: 1 undead archer + 3 fighters + 1 cleric

Wave 2:. 3 fighters + 2 undead archers

Wave 3: 4 fighters(2 are delayed) + 1 undead archer

Wave 4: 1 cleric

Wave 5:. 1 undead archer + 3 clerics

7) Bards and barbs, difficulty: medium

  • Easier than most other intermediate chasm levels, but is a tad bit harder than the easy ones. The barbs and barbs are not the ones to worry about, as they don't deal as much damage as some other enemies and you can tank them (if you have the appropriate gear) or kite them. The main problem with this level is the ice elf clerics' [animated undead] spell. If you are not careful a summoned skeleton can take out your ranged heroes quickly and deal huge damage. Luckily they only last 12 seconds. For this level I recommend taking out the clerics first.

Wave 1:. 1 Barbarian + 2 Bards + 1 ice elf cleric

Wave 2: 3 bards + 3 ice elf clerics(delayed)

Wave 3: 3 Barbarians + 1 ice elf cleric + 2 fire mages(delayed)

8) A little of everything, difficulty: medium

  • This level is distinguished by a slightly longer delay in the wait for the first wave. Every wave in this level is normal at best; nothing too crazy or easy. The best start here would be to go after the enemies that can unleash spells. There is an average of 1 enemy per wave that can use special abilities at best. This level does last quite a while, as the waves come very slowly.

Wave 1: 1 elf + 1 mummy + 1 undead archer (delayed)

Wave 2: 4 undead

Wave 3: 2 orcs + 1 fire mage

Wave 4:. 2 elf archers + 1 orc

Wave 5: . 3 clerics + 1 undead archer

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