• XH4X0Rx

    I never see anybody on chat, I need advice Im so bored

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  • Dittmar104

    bug report

    August 10, 2014 by Dittmar104

    i was playing the latest up date to find out that when ever my team would use the charge skill they would leave the screan if it wasn't for the auto attack i would of not been able to do any thing to stop it. as well some times when they leave they don't come back even if i was to use resurrection. 



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  • Nackeri

    I only get 4 of each on average

    is there a faster way (without the glitch)

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  • Omnirock

    (MSPA)(HVSM) The Badlands

    August 26, 2013 by Omnirock

    In the world of Heroes Versus Monsters a village cried out in help as a dark shroud of dust enveloped the little town. The people within desperately tried to escape as the dust transformed them into horrible and grim looking mindless monsters.

    Except 1 villager.

    Here we go guys, If anyone knows what an MSPA is then this should be an interesting little distraction. If anyone doesn't know then allow me to explain. In this game we all control a single character in his/her/it's adventures around the world that I will draw out with Microsoft Paint on a Windows 8 laptop. I tried to make the character as close to the typical HVM barebones template as I could.

    So let's start by desinging this lone villager.

    Is it a Boy, a Girl, human, ork, alien? You …

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  • Omnirock

    Omnirock 8/25/2013

    August 25, 2013 by Omnirock
    So to start off with, I've noticed that my little competetion was ground into the dusts of obscurity because Siege mode is much more interesting and important. Whatever. Anyways, today I had the dissapointment of my whole week so far; I saw a box that was labeled and advertised the Honey Buns logo, It had a sign next to it that said "free" from my angle I couldn't tell if their were any left so I looked closer. I was reaaaally excited since I haven't had a honey bun in like 2 years (exaggeration albeit but you understand my predicament)

    To my dismay the only thing in the box was 2 roma tomatoes.
    I am not superior race.
    Also, Wikia doesn't feel like letting me re-edit my first normal blog post without forcing everything into source mode, so t…

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  • Erin-2000-

    My team

    August 24, 2013 by Erin-2000-

    This is to show my team and see if you guys can give me any recommendations thx :)

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  • SapphireGaming

    Right I'm probably the only Pokémon fan in this wiki but please, check out a Pokémon black gameplay video then check out the new one x & y one, CAN'T FU***** WAIT FOR THE NEW ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! SapphireGaming out!

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  • SapphireGaming

    Help me plz...

    August 1, 2013 by SapphireGaming

    I need to know how to get more gold and level up faster. if any of you people know please comment thx and bye!

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  • KvM

    Mysterious Chasm Gold Farm

    July 30, 2013 by KvM

    I want to introduce you how to farm gold in this Mysterious Chasm. I farm gold in this Mysterious Chasm when I don't have luck from getting items from boss room. Farm gold from Stone Golem (Boss 7) or Lava Golem (Boss 13) by selling items from drop. If you have bard, you could sell items Overprice with Reputation skill(bard skill). Since I don't have luck from killing boss, so I prefer Mysterious Chasm farm. When you enter each wave in Mysterious Chasm, if you see 3 firemage/ 2 bosses, 3 cleric/ 1 barbarian, 2 bard, 1 cleric/ 4 blown face of orc with a huge sword/ 1 undead with X on face and 1 bard,,,,,,,,,, click pause the game and retreat. Because if you fight them, they will give you around 1.4k to 5k only. We want big money, and we wan…

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  • Omnirock


    July 24, 2013 by Omnirock

    This is just a regular blog, basically anything that isn't fanfiction goes here.

    So I've spent the entire day leveling a 3 Barbarian team. ('bout time I did something productive in HvM that wasn't just playing a few rounds as the Shaman.)

    Speaking of Shamans I actually encountered a max level one in Arena mode today, since HvM makes any computer controlled Hero use it's final skill first the Shaman summoned a very peculiar looking totem. It was literally a long thin pole with swords and spears sticking out of it, it was purple and had the face of what looked like a dark purple Lich. I didn't see it for very long as the Shaman was easy to kill, but honestly, that thing was disturbing. Logically, I can only assume its the Debilitate totem, as …

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  • Sir Zyrix

    The World of HvM

    July 17, 2013 by Sir Zyrix

    The purpose of this blog post is to describe the apparently MASSIVE, BEAUTIFUL, STUNNING world of the heroes vs. monsters universe. I find that the game could work on that a bit along with the storyline, and also it is important to understand this world for heroes vs monsters fanfictions. But honestly, where are all the non-life-threatening animals?

    In this game, there are heroes and there are monsters, but what else is there that we are sure exists?

    The setting is a countryside (in the description). There is a town-like setting in the menu page.

    There are several different environments such as: forest, normal terrain, rocky plains, graveyard, random black pit, lake, river, volcano, and inside buildings.


    Suggestion of other humans doing …

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  • Omnirock

    This is a trivia page about my fanfiction(s)

    Dark Bard Fanfiction is not an official part of the story, It was simply a test of my ability, but do not fret. The Lich and his minions will make an appearnce in the real story.

    -Planned but not added.

    The "Dark Bard's Journal" will be a thing that contributes to the story. It will be written by the character Sianna Xinroc.

    List of Characters (spoilers)

    Toby Alan Richette (Fighter)

    Main character. Considered the leader of the group. Roughly 17 from the small village of Reth. His journey is a long one, and he is grateful to have his team along the way. He has made it his mission in life to find a 'man' named Lyle Liffinigal who ordered the execution of his brother Kole Vincent "Lancer" Richette During the…

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  • Putotyra


    June 21, 2013 by Putotyra

    Putotyra: An awesome Japanese character. Search it up and you will find him. Pretty awesome I know.

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  • Omnirock


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  • Sir Zyrix

    In my fan fiction, found here , I've been adding in these small random elements of the game and figured it would be best if I kept track of them here for you to see. A lot of it is based on the descriptions of equipment in the game. 

    Note: There are a lot of SPOILERS on this page.


    • Many of the names of things are backwards for meaningful words
    • Several references to 'enchanting to make weapons stronger'
    • Frost Runes are used to make Scimitar-Frost Mark , and I implied mixing it with dragon's fire could make FrostFires (Note: frostfires could also be made naturally from the shell of bear-turtles)
    • The sentient tree (who the main character took a branch from) has bark used to make the ring Forest…
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  • Omnirock

    Four Down

    May 31, 2013 by Omnirock
                              -Chapter 1-

    On the 13th of August an 18 year old young adult strolled into a town known as Jiltamesh on a Dragon Horse. The guy's name was Tobias Alan Richette, but he preferred Toby.

    Toby was on his own nowadays, he had packed up his belongings, kissed his mama good bye and headed north to the more populated provinces. He wore a brown trench coat of sorts that did a rather well job at hiding the rest of himself from the elements. He had blonde spiked hair, was clean shaven, and had blue eyes. He was of no impressive or demeaning height, he seemed rather toned and fit and carried a blue shield on his back.It was near the end of the day and the old geezers out in the town square were already packing up their games of…

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  • Swoldier


    May 29, 2013 by Swoldier
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  • Sir Zyrix

    Zyrix FanFiction

    May 29, 2013 by Sir Zyrix

    I never knew my parents … and never knew what they called me. Even if I had known, the name would be long forgotten by now.  My one goal, which I have sacrificed everything for … is to bring back their memories –just once- before my skin withers away and my flesh rots off my body…

    The Town of Egrof

    I grew up in a small town, Egrof – once known to be one of the largest distributors of magical weapons across the land. As a child, everyone reminded me of that fact and I had to listen because those were the rules. Every day at least one of the villagers, usually Egas, would explain how the roads used to be crowded with tradesmen and soldiers; the shops used to be full of smiths blending dragon’s fire with frost runes to mold the finest of blades…

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  • Omnirock

    (HvsM Fanfiction)

    Toby Richette was on all fours, he was sweating, he was cold, he was burning hot, he was nothing and everything. He was in a thick forest just outside of the village Reth. His left check felt warm as a low humming noise emanated from a serpentine like staff. It was dark black with small white slivers on the fangs and the eyes. It hissed at him and flicked its tongue at him like all snakes do.

    "Human." Said a voice that suppressed all noise and made itself irritatingly clear and sharp. "I... W-w-wi eh ill n- nev" Toby stuttered between gasps of air, coughs of blood, and shivers from hypothermia.

    "You would die for your friends?" Said the voice. The staff began to extend around his neck, leaving cut marks and bruises all alon…

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  • Sir Zyrix


    May 19, 2013 by Sir Zyrix

    Hey everyone,

    It's Zyrix. I really enjoy playing HvM, and am pretty much at the endgame of it. I've gotten each class  to max level, and have most of the useful hero combinations there are. All that's left for me to do is to max out siege minions, beat Qualtus' record on Survival Mode , and find a way to magically get holiday gear...

    On siege mode, I've been mainly trying to obtain extra stars. I am close to +5.

    On arena, I am attempting to get to the leaderboards. Currently I am rank 104, with the goal of top 60. Still requires hundreds of millions of honor, but I'll make it eventually....

    I'll do my best to help around this wiki, so if you have any questions feel free to ask. You can also see my failed attempt to beat Qualtus' record in a ca…

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  • Qualtus

    So you people may have heard of the page called Hall of Shame. I made that to track down all of the hackers and to avoid them at all cost. If you however stumble upon them, take photos prove that they are undoubtedly a hacker. I'll humbly ask you all to do this. Thanks and Have fun playing!

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  • Revontheus


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  • Dragoninja15598

    Am I good or what

    January 5, 2013 by Dragoninja15598

    My legend=lv31 Demonic Skull,Green Barrier,Black Demon Blade,rulers ring,Charlees Kicks,frostbone ring,sanguine savior

    Leave comments

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  • Omnirock

    Dark Bard's Journal

    December 6, 2012 by Omnirock

    Hi, I'm Omnirock (apparently The Dark Bard as well.)

    I'm an avid HvsM fan and honestly wish I had found it earlier, I currently have a plethora of fan art for this game and a few MOC characters based off of common heroes and monsters, as well as alluded Lore. 

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  • Ataxaos

    Holiday Gear

    August 28, 2012 by Ataxaos

    Hell yeah! I got six sets of Holiday gear now, and I just updated my game. My arena name is Victini!

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  • Shadowkhaos

    In the arena some people's team don't show when i fight them so im wasting 30min. Of waiting to battle. Post if you think it's a way that people can piss you off, hack, or glitch?

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  • Shadowkhaos

    Legendary hero lvl 31. Wintry Plate +8 Frostfire +8 Rimewind Charlie's Boots Charlie's Crown Stalker's Ring Ring of Freedom.

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  • Whodamanj

    One Quick Question

    June 20, 2012 by Whodamanj

    How often do you get attacked by other players in the arena? Last week only one person per day would attack me, but yesterday roughly 15 people did. And when I looked at the attack log today... 27 people attacked me. I don't have that many daily challenges! I'm not complaining, as I enjoy the double rewards, but I do wonder if this is some sort of weird fluke. Please tell me what you think in the comments section. Oh, one more thing: Why would a level 3 with only three heroes attack a level 31? I enjoyed crushing them, but that's like throwing away a challenge.Whodamanj 22:53, June 20, 2012 (UTC)Whodamanj

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  • Whodamanj

    Arena is broken

    June 12, 2012 by Whodamanj

    Who here likes arena mode? OK, nobody except the top players and hackers. Why is this? The people you face are to darn hard. Right now I am looking at the profile of a player named yesperson, who is level 31 and is ranked 369 in arena mode. I have wasted dozens of challenges on him (or her) and he still is the only person standing between me and that tier three prize. He has a fighter, fire mage, cleric and archer. Equipment is as follows:

    Fighter: Truesilver Blade +8, Frenzy Hatchet +8 (off hand), Stalker's Ring (x2), Holiday Boots, Demonic Skull, and Rainbow Plate +3.

    Fire Mage: Archmage Staff +8,Stalker's Ring (x2), Holiday Boots, Flame Cowl, and Winter Robe.

    Cleric: Canticle Staff, Demigod Ring, Ruler's Ring, Holiday Boots, Blessed Skufi…

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  • DarkStarJoe

    Hello World

    May 29, 2012 by DarkStarJoe

    Hi, I'm new to the wiki but I'd like to be involved a bit. I'll do whatever I feel necessary if I have the time... unless that's not alright. =p

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  • Curtis Burchall


    February 22, 2012 by Curtis Burchall

    Hi there guys

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  • Cajunazn

    Graphic master anyone?

    December 28, 2011 by Cajunazn

    Is anyone out there a graphics master? We could use one for our Wiki Icon. If not I guess I will be spending my own time on it - which I am ok with. I'd prefer to find someone who is really good at it! Look at the page for an idea. The image is limited to a 250px width by 65px height and must be in a png format.

    Now go! CREATE!

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  • Dunkston


    December 19, 2011 by Dunkston

    I need help! Some links are wrong so I'm trying to make them go to the right link, but I don't know how to.

    Dunkston 19:25, December 19, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Yegaboo11

    Partial Inactivity Notice

    December 13, 2011 by Yegaboo11

    So I sent my iPhone in yesterday to get the battery replaced (I've had it for about 3 years so it's long due for a replacement). I'll still be contributing to the Wiki, but I won't be able to add any new data until I get it back. I just checked up on the order, and they're already sending it back to me, so I shouldn't be gone too long. Yegaboo11 22:26, December 13, 2011 (UTC)

    Well Apple has already fixed my iPhone... sort of. Apparently they decided to forgo replacing the battery and instead just replaced the entire iPhone. However awesome this seems, I'm a little skeptical as to whether or not my game data will transfer to the new iPhone. I should hopefully have it back by tomorrow, but that remains to be seen. Fingers crossed! Yegaboo11 02…

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  • Cajunazn

    Writing wiki code ಠ ಠ

    December 7, 2011 by Cajunazn

    You may think that I am a wiz at Wikis, when the reality is I am just good at quick copy-pasting code! All joking aside, I am still very new to writing wikis. As a software engineer by day, its been easy for me to jump in and begin writing some wiki code, and adding detailed and style pages. However, when it comes to writing the actual templates I am almost a complete loss. So, I have started researching and reading up how to build templates. Hopefully as I learn then I can implement some pretty sweet things. I've always loved the wowwikki page, and the mouse hover capabilites they've implemented. If I do anything on this wiki, it will be to implement something similar for this site.

    Currently reading: How to write Wiki Templates, Advanced …

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  • Cajunazn


    December 5, 2011 by Cajunazn

    I found out today that some reviewers dont like HvM, because its a coppy of BattleHeart. However both games offer some great game play elements that are different. I enjoy both titles. What are your thoughts?

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  • Rainbowunicornsniper

    coming soon

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  • Rainbowunicornsniper

    Feel free to post heroes versus monsters questions and answers here! i will answer as best i can as soon as i can. you can friend me at lost legendary on game center


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