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The Bard is the support class. He/she/it specializes in providing Health regeneration, damage, defense, and attack speed Buffs as their skills. They can increase/decrease prices for items in the shop in your favor, +3% per level up. The Bard is the only class that can heal other party members while still being able to attack an enemy. Characterized by a scimitar or dagger the Bard is a decisive and useful hero in the hands of high skill players.

Skill Tree

Tier 1

  • Great Song of Four Heroes 4/4 (Passive; Enhances Song of Four Heroes) - Enable Song of Four Heroes to increase the maximum HP of party members by 5% (3% per rank)
  • Song of Four Heroes 1/1 (Active) - Party members in range regenerate (3 + character level / 2) HP per second for 15 seconds.
  • Heroic Spirit 4/4 (Passive) - Increase your hit rating, damage and defense by 5% when your HP is under 30% (4% per rank)

Tier 2

  • Barbarian's Battle Song 1/1 (Active) - Increase damage and attack speed of party members within range by 10% for 15 seconds
  • Great Battle Song 3/3 (Passive; Enhances Barbarian's Battle Song) - Increase the damage and attack speed of Barbarian Battle Song by 5% (3% per rank)
  • Training 3/3 (Passive) - Reap the rewards of being a combat veteran: +1 defense, +5% hit rating (1 defense and 5% hit rating per rank)

Tier 3

  • Daggers Proficiency 5/5 (Passive) - Increase dagger damage and hit rating by 4% (5% per rank)
  • Scimitars Proficiency 5/5 (Passive) - Increase scimitar damage and hit rating by 4% (5% per rank)
  • Clubs Proficiency 5/5 (Passive) - Increase club damage and hit rating by 4% (5% per rank)

Tier 4

  • Reputation 4/4 (Passive) - Increase or reduce price by 3% in your favor making transactions (5% per rank)
  • Great Iron Song 3/3 (Passive; Enhances Iron Song) - Add HP regeneration to Iron Song, equal to 5% of the effect of Song of Four Heroes (7% per rank)
  • Iron Song 1/1 (Active) - Increase damage resistance of party members within an area by (3 + character level / 3) for 14 seconds.

Tier 5

  • Echo 3/3 (Passive) - Increase the duration of all songs by 8% (8% per rank)
  • Inspiring Muse 5/5 (Passive) - Reduce the cooldown of all songs by 1 second (1 second per rank)

Tier 6

  • Lightning Reflexes 3/3 (Passive) - Improve your odds with a 3% chance to dodge any damage.
  • Motivate 3/3 (Passive; Enhances Iron Song) - Remove 1 control-impairing effect.

Tier 7

  • Restoration Song 1/1 (Active) - Instantly complete skill cooldowns for all party members.
  • Dazzling Song 1/1 (Active) - Enemies within range will be immobilized for 6 seconds.

Tier 8

  • Battle Hymn 4/4 (Passive) - Increase caster's movement speed by 5% and other heroes' movement speed by 3%
  • Lullaby 4/4 (Passive) - Put all enemies in range to sleep for 3 seconds.

Bard Skill Tree



  • Starting HP: 30
  • HP gain per level: 8
  • HP at level 31: 270
  • HP at level 41: 350
  • Base Defense: 3


The Bard is the only class that can instantly refill the skills of other heros besides itself, making it a good tag-along for your Striker.

The Bard is the only melee hero that is unable to dual-wield weapons, due to missing Dual wield in his skill tree.

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