Attack speed is the rate at which your character performs normal actions. These actions include: Melee Attacks by Bards, Archers, Fighters, Barbarians or Elite Fighters, Standard magic attacks by Mages, Summoners or Shamans and Heal casts by Clerics.

The base attack speed for heroes is normalized - Meaning no particular hero attacks faster than another. However items will augment the speed at which attacks/actions are performed. This is incredibly useful on heroes such as the Cleric, where increased attack speed will mean faster healing.

As of HvM Release 1.2, there is a "hard cap" of +65% attack speed. Meaning that anything above 65% attack speed will be the same as 65% attack speed.

Attack Speed Items


[Swift Bow] +15%
[Swift Scimitar] +15%
[Rod of Runed Stone] +30%
[Charlee's Aim] +16%
[Oakling Bow] +10%
[Raconteur's Staff] +16%
[Spirit Bow] +15%


[Ring of Illumination] +15%
[Rewind Ring] +15%
[Stalker's Ring] +20%


[Shooter Cloak] +2%
[Shooter Cloak] +4%
[Full Mithril Plate] -5%
[Holy Robe] +10%
[Mage's Combat Robe] +5%
[Pontiff Robe] +15%
[Lich Robe] +10%
[Winter Robe] +20%


[Gale Runners] +18%
[Ghoulish Greaves] +20%
[Gilded Greaves] +15%


[Headband of Agility] +5%
[Headband of Battlelust] +10%
[Demonic Skull] +15%
[Amara's Crown] +10%


[Medium Shield] -3%
[Tower Shield] -3%
[Medium Shield] -3%
[Tower Shield] -3%
[Medium Shield] -3%
[Tower Shield] -3%
[Medium Shield] -3%
[Tower Shield] -3%
[Sanguine Savior] -10%

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