Arena accessory iconArena accessories are available for purchase, by acquiring Honor and Badges through Arena battles.

Name Honor Badges Passive Ability
[Frostbone Ring] 1200 306 Immunity to Instant Death, -6% damage taken (Arena-only)
[Rewind Ring] 1300 289 Immobilization immunity, +15% attack speed, -9% damage taken
[Starfall Ring] 2100 387 Trip immunity, +4 HP regeneration, -15% damage taken (Arena-only)
[Sapphire Sovereign] 2800 520 Trip immunity, +22% movement speed, +6 HP regeneration, -15% damage taken (Arena-only)
[Ruler's Ring] 2500 487 Trip Immunity, +20% Movement Speed, +4 HP Regeneration, -12% Damage Taken (Arena-only)
[Trinity Band] 3737 499 50% chance to deal +13 fire damage, Immobilization immunity, +4 HP Regeneration, -14% damage taken

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