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The Arena was added in Version 2.0. This mode allows players to fight against other players in online, real-time battles.

Starting the Arena

Once the player enters the Arena, they are given 20 daily challenges. Users can scout other players characters for $1,000 to see how they will match up against them. After all daily challenges are used players will recieve another challenge every thirty minutes. You can also buy more challenges, but the standing rate for people of maximum level is $12,800, so pick your poison; the long wait or going broke. The list of players you must fight for a large reward can be refreshed for $4,500 when level 31. This editor has done that, and consistently ended up with 5 level 31 opponents in tier two.

Winning a Match

When a player wins a match, they are rewarded with honor, badges, and experience. Winning in tier one gets you 2 honor, 1 badge, and 38 experience. Winning in tier two gets you 2 badges, 3 honor, and 75 experience, while winning in tier three gets you 4 honor, 3 badge and 107 experience. When you beat all five people in a row you get certain rewards. Claiming rewards for tier three might get you a equipment.

Arena Honor Shop

In the honor shop you can get normal and elite items for exorbitant amounts of honor and badges. Click on the following links to see items provided in the store Arena Armor, Arena Weapons, and Arena AccessoriesIMPORTANT NOTE:

"When buying items in the Honor Shop you need the required amount of Honor for an item to buy it ; but the "Currency" is the amount of Badges for the item." Long story short, you spend Badges to buy items in the honor shop not honor, you just need the amount of honor for the item of choice.

Bugs/Glitches as of 2017

  • Arena can no longer be accessed; every time you try to play a game it crashes
  • Honor and badges have been reset to 0; items from the arena store can no longer be bought
  • Trying to scout any of the players in the leaderboard or in the arena match line up will crash the game

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